Car Loan

At LMC Automobiles we provide Auto Loan from all the banks.
The lowest Interest Rate from the following Banks.
Dhaka Bank – [WEB]
Standard Chartered – [ WEB ]
Pubali Bank –[WEB]
The banks right now are only allowing up to 50% loan.

You must meet the general requirements for acquiring a car loan.
Different banks have different requirements, but the following is standard for all the banks.
Your nationality must be Bangladeshi.
Your monthly income should be minimum BDT 40,000 (Salaried professionals/Businesspersons/Landlord-or-landlady)
In case your monthly income is below BDT 40,000 but your RENT from house/apartment/shop/business covers it, then you may apply.
The house/apartment/shop must be in your OWN name.
Maximum age of applicant is 65 years.
You must have valid Tax documents and valid Tax Information Number (TIN).
In order to verify if you are eligible or not, provide us with:
1 year bank statement.
Salary Statement / Trade License.
Valid TIN Number
Utility Bill (Electric,Gas etc.)
If you have further query then please call us at :
Cell: 01819322986 Cell: 01742055622 .
Use the calculator below to find out about your car loans and monthly payment.
With the included payment calculator visitors and customers can easily estimate monthly car payments.
Note: This is only an estimate, and does not include insurance, taxes, transfers or any other additional costs.

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